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While our primary aim is to provide meaningful early education experiences for children, despite their families’ resources, the problem is more far-reaching than that…


It's time.

If we do not start combating the long-term and costly impacts of abandoning our nation’s most vulnerable children, we will continue to see a dramatic increase in the need for public funding and resources for services such as special education, social and emotional wellbeing, and other related services.  Longitudinal studies have shown that students who do not receive a quality early childhood education have higher incarceration rates, lower graduation rates, lower earning potential, higher teen pregnancies, and are more likely to become an overall burden on social service agencies and the community as a whole.  Without quality preschool education, there will be a  continued decline in basic performance and our ability to compete on a global scale.

The children in our communities deserve the opportunity to succeed.  Every child should have access to the academic and life skills they need to positively change their trajectory and revitalize all aspects of their community.  It’s time.  Please join us in eradicating the chasm between children and their best life by helping to fund a quality local preschool education that would be out of reach without donations and community support.

90% of

a child's brain

is developed by age 5

For every

$1 invested

in early learning programs,

the ROI is $4 - $9


early education

helps develop children’s social-emotional skills and self-regulation


of 3 to 4

year old children are not enrolled in preschool


of spending

in education goes to K - 12


per year

is the average cost of preschool tuition

More than


Massachusetts children between birth and age 5 live below the poverty line

37% of

early educators

qualify for WIC and SNAP

$3 billion

a year

is what employee absenteeism costs American businesses because of breakdowns

in child care

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