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In 2012, we started researching preschool options for our two children, blissfully unaware of the costs — not to mention the enormous benefits – of ‘early childhood education’ aka preschool. As parents, we were always told to save for college — but never for preschool. It turns out the annual cost of a quality early childhood education program can exceed that of state college tuition. Knowing how challenging it was for us, we started to wonder how parents who are working hard but barely making ends meet could afford to send their kids to preschool. The verdict? We learned that for the most part, these children simply can’t go. This puts many parents in a terrible position of being forced to leave the workforce because they can’t afford to pay for preschool — plunging them further into poverty.


Meanwhile, our children were happily tucked away in a preschool and were flourishing. We had to learn more about what was going on in this ‘early learning center’ and find a way to help parents gain access to something that we just assumed was a given for all young children.  In 2013, Taly was formed and we set out on this new journey.


So much more than putting kids in preschool

With our combined 40 years of experience in the tech sector, we have positioned Taly as an organization that is committed to innovation and “outside-of-the-box” solutions. We aren’t just studying the problem and coming up with answers, we are doing the work. With boots on the ground, we’re taking action with real people, using real money, for real children, in real preschool centers. We know this is one of the best social investments we can make, so we got started.


Taly supports every player in a child's early learning experience.  We provide preschool scholarships for low-income children.  We host family forums and community-building for their families. We help preschool directors give early educators a fulfilling career rich with professional development opportunities, college courses, and increased job satisfaction, and we create quality improvement plans for their early learning centers.  We maximize the benefit to each child by helping all ships rise together. Since 2015 we have invested more than $500,000 directly in the early education space to positively impact young children in our communities.


Taly is so much more than simply ‘putting kids in preschool.’ We’re about helping children become productive members of a global society — and we all win!  The first Taly graduates are now thriving in elementary school!  Back in 2012, we wanted great things for our own two preschoolers – just like every parent. So here we are, boldly seeking solutions and inviting you to reimagine the early learning experience for our most valuable players — kids!

Jill and Phil Dixon


"Taly is so much more than simply putting kids in preschool".

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