The tangible, solution-driven work we do each and every day is possible due to the tireless efforts of our team, partners, teachers, parents, and Taly kids. Here's what we're working on now; Imagine how much more we will accomplish with your help.


Playing in Nursery

Preschool scholarships for low-income children, ensuring they start school on equal footing with their peers. Once children are in a full-day, year-round early learning program, their parents have the opportunity to return to the workforce, pursue a college degree, and even start their own business.


Family At Church

We believe that preschool is a “family matter” – we don’t just support the child, we bolster the entire family. Past forums include topics such as:

  • A Child’s Developing Brain & Social Emotional Learning

  • The Importance of Nutrition & Mealtime Strategies for Preschoolers

  • Helping Your Child Organize and Get Things Done (Executive Functioning)

  • Kindergarten Registration Strategies

Educational Forums

Laptop Writing

Cutting-edge research via Taly Labs. Taly has implemented innovative and fresh solutions for access to quality preschool for all children. Case in point: For decades early childhood education research has been overwhelmingly focused on the short- and long-term impact on the child. Taly believes this is only half of the equation: The focus needs to be on the children and their families at the same time. In 2018, Taly received funding to study the impact on a family’s finances once a child is in a quality preschool program and the parents/caregivers can return to work. Changing the early education system requires vision and a willingness to buck trends. Taly Labs proposes innovative solutions, backed by comprehensive and trailblazing research.

Cutting Edge Research

Flexible Payment Planning

Funding that allows for college courses, training, and coaching for preschool teachers. We value early childhood educators as both professionals and key players in a child’s educational success.


Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Quality-improvement plans for early learning centers. Taly believes that preschools – if held to high standards – are launching pads for excellence. Our background in the tech industry informs how we work with preschools as we raise the bar for quality.

Quality Improvements

Business Meeting

Consulting services for school districts and early learning centers. Taly has a model that works and we’re eager to share it with other programs and communities seeking efficient and original ways to “level up” their existing services.

Consulting Services

“Investing early allows us to shape the future; investing later chains us to fixing the missed opportunities of the past".                 

~ James Heckman, Economist and Nobel Laureate