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Taly’s model enables more children to attend preschool, improves the quality of the preschools enrolling these children, and helps their families achieve financial independence.

When a family has access to full-day, year-round preschool for their child, the parents are able to return to the workforce, reduce their dependence on social assistance, and break the cycle of poverty.


So much more than putting kids in preschool

  • We work with quality preschools to fill empty seats with children who cannot currently attend preschool.  How do we find them?  It’s easy!  More than 45% of 3 and 4-year-olds aren’t enrolled in preschool. 

  • When we scholarship children to fill empty seats or fill another classroom, the preschool director commits to our quality standards.  We bring in independent assessors to gauge quality, we write improvement plans, and we work with them to execute . . . and they do!  Our pilot school increased quality 68%, screaming past industry standards and setting a new bar.

  • When the children enter full-day, year-round preschool, parents go back to school or work, resulting in lower financial support — and ultimately financial independence —  allowing us to scholarship more children.

Simple, right?  So, what’s left to do?  Well, this is just the foundation of our work. You can check out the rest of what we are tackling in ‘Our Plan’.

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