Jill & Phil Dixon began researching preschool options for their two children and were shocked to realize Early Childhood Education is both costly and not an opportunity that is afforded to all children.  As they continued their search, it became clear that there were tens of thousands of children in the State of Massachusetts alone who were unable to attend preschool.

It quickly became apparent that millions of children and their families  across the country are unable to afford or find a quality preschool program, or are unaware of the benefits of preschool and its effects on social and emotional development during this critical stage of learning.  As funding for early childhood education programs continues to dramatically decrease, this epidemic for our children, families and communities continues to grow at an alarming rate.  We have no choice but to address this pervasive issue now.  It’s time.  Please join us.

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Taly Foundation provides access to and improves the quality of early childhood education.


All children will have access to high quality preschool education.


Integrity · Accountability · Innovation


To have a meaningful impact on children and improve early childhood education as a whole, Taly is focused on the following activities:

  • Providing scholarships to accredited early learning centers for 3 and 4 year old children who otherwise would not be able to attend preschool.
  • Working with early childhood learning centers to improve the quality of preschool programs through assessments and recommendations.
  • Sponsoring professional development for early learning center teachers and staff.
  • Engaging families through workshops and making connections with necessary social services.
  • Partnering with community leaders to rally support for quality preschool institutions within their borders.
  • Collaborating in local and state based forums focused on early childhood education.


Taly Foundation is the answer to my prayers! I could not afford to pay for preschool for my kids and for that reason I was a stay at home mom for two years...Our family is very blessed and thankful to Taly Foundation for all of the help they provide.
— A Taly Parent